About baby carriers with a mesh on carrier's back

Baby carriers with a mesh on carrier's back

Many manufacturers of ergonomic baby carriers now offer baby carriers with mesh on a back. But actually is it worth thinking about buying such carriers?

  1. The mesh is rough synthetic material, which in contact with baby's delicate skin will irritate it. So contact with the mesh when carrying a baby in such a carrier must be avoided. A baby must be dressed - so what is the point of this mesh then? In a cotton carrier a baby can be carried even naked! Baby carriers that are made of cotton fabric are soft, natural and breathable, so you can be sure that your baby's back does not sweat.
  2. The majority of baby carries with a mesh have this mesh on the bottom zone, where usually a diaper is. So what is this mesh for?
  3. It’s the tummies that usually sweat; babies' backs always remain dry and cool! If the tummy is wet and the wind blows on the back, then it's easy to catch a cold.
  4. Mesh forms a heterogeneous inner layer with additional seaming and hole that does not support the baby as delicately as cotton fabric.
  5. Observation of different baby carriers with a mesh on the back revealed, that mesh on the back has such a width that carriers' construction cannot provide a deep enough place for correct baby seating.


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