What is an ergonomic baby carrier?

An ergonomic baby carrier is a carrier that ensures baby carrying in a healthy physiological position. This physiological position is also called the "frog" position:  baby's legs are spread widely and knees are placed above the bottom forming a visual "M" letter. This position is not only convenient for a baby, but it is also safe for baby’s hips, preventing hip joints dysplasia. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the weight of the baby is distributed on under-knees and hips, while pressure on the tailbone and backbones are minimal.
Unlike the "kangaroo" carriers, in ergonomic baby carrier baby does not hang on the perineum, but is tight to the mother in the same physiological position as when sitting in the hands of an adult. In this inward-facing position baby "merges” with his mother that makes baby weight almost unnoticeable to the mother: it is easy and comfortable to carry a baby, baby's legs are tight to mother's waist and do not interfere while walking. Ergonomic baby carriers provide even support for the baby and distribute baby weight between parent's shoulders and hips. Therefore, ergonomic baby carriers allow carrying children weighing up to 20 - 25 kg, depending on a design of a particular model.