TeddySling construction

Here is a picture that shows how children of different ages sit in TeddySling:

6 month baby, 1,5 and 3 years kinds will always have an ergonomic position. Carrier back is adjusted to child age and carrier will always have a support under child knees.

This way back adjustment happens:

These are 2 ways how shoulder straps can be worn – in a parallel and crossed way:

As shoulder straps are of ergonomic construction, they should be set for definite wearing – parallel or crossed. That is how it can be done – you just unlock the straps and exchange them:

Here is a picture form the side, it shows how baby should sit – I showed with arrow where locks on both sides are:

This is the way that hood can be set for supporting baby’s head:

This is how hood can be used for prolonging of carrier's back for older children: